As it stands, when you bleach and dye your hair, during the color process the disulfide bonds of your hair strands that make your hair strong are broken down by the peroxide developer so that your hair is now “open” to receive color. This breaking down causing them to become single sulfur-hydrogen bonds. Once the oxygen bonds from the peroxide developer start to react with these new, much weaker bonds, they more often than not cause a negative chain reaction that causes the proteins in your hair strands to be eaten away which means your hair becomes dry and straw-like. That’s why color is always a toss up, the ultimate game of beauty Russian roulette. Olaplex links together the broken bonds created by chemical processing in your hair which prevents damage from ever happening. For stylists, the brand claims this means double processing on the same day without worry and for clients this means having colored hair that does not feel like a bale of hay a month after a color service. Olaplex bonds and seals the hair. There is never been anything like this in the hair industry. Ever.

There is something new happening in hair that calls for a moment. A serious moment. If you have not yet heard, there is a revolutionary beauty product on the market and it’s being touted as a game changer for every head of hair everywhere. This new miracle is called Olaplex and it just may change how you color and style your hair.

is a single active ingredient invented by Dr. Eric Pressly, PHD and Dr. Craig Hawker, PHD, a nationally recognized and well-respected scientist focused on molecular engineering. Simply put, Olaplex works by reconnecting broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Bonds in hair break when exposed to chemicals in color, heat and mechanical force such as combing and detangling wet hair. What this means for your hair is being able to possibly go blonde and stay blonde (or red or black or whatever floats your boat) without breakage or dryness.

Opalex Hair Bonding San Diego